Charities and Non-profits

Marine Raider Foundation

The U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Special Operations Command (MARSOC), is the Marine Corps service component to the U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM). Sean proudly continues his service with this unit to this day and supports the Marine Raider Foundation’s mission to provide benevolent support to active duty and medically retired MARSOC personnel and their families as well as to the families of Marines and Sailors who have lost their lives in service to our nation.

Sean Brownlee Community Emergency Response Volunteers of the Monterey Peninsula

Community Emergency Response Volunteers of the Monterey Peninsula

Sean serves as the Chief Marketing Officer at Community Emergency Response Volunteers (CERV) of the Monterey Peninsula. CERV is a 501 (c) (3) organization with a mission to support local CERT programs, build public awareness about emergency preparedness, and promote the community’s capacity to respond to natural disasters and man-made emergencies. CERV supports local CERT programs and community preparedness through networking, grant writing, workshops, collaborating with local businesses and other organizations, and co-sponsorship of community events.

Chairman on Washington Retail Association Sean Brownlee

Washington Retail Association

Retail supports 1 in 4 American jobs. Anyone whose job results in a consumer product – from those who supply the raw materials to factory workers to the truck drivers who deliver goods to stores – counts on retail for their livelihood. With 3.6 million stores drawing on a vast array of suppliers, retail supports 42 million jobs and represents $2.6 trillion of annual GDP in the United States. Washington Retail represents more than 3,800 storefronts statewide that range from large national chains to small shops. Members include wholesalers, dealers, professional services and mall owners and operators. Though a unique state association, Washington Retail maintains numerous partnerships with like-minded associations and chambers of commerce across the state and nation. In 2021 Sean Brownlee was voted Chairman to the Washington Retail Association’s board of directors

National Retail Federation America's Champion Award Sean Brownlee

National Retail Federation Small Business Retail Council

The Small Business Retail Council (SBRC) represents and is responsive to the needs, concerns and interests of local shops and provides the National Retail Federation’s small business members a forum to discuss the most pressing public policy issues and priorities. As a small business retail council member, Sean Brownlee helps identify policy priorities concerning small retail businesses in the U.S. and propose strategies and solutions on those priorities and challenges.

Operation Freedom Paws

Operation Freedom Paws

Operation Freedom Paws empowers veterans and individuals with disabilities to restore their freedom to live life by teaching them to train their own dogs, and certifying them as service dog teams. Through a special therapeutic canine-human relationship, all veterans and individuals with disabilities live an enriched life and engage in their communities.