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Ravenox was recently featured in the Seattle Times alongside Nutpods, a plant-based coffee creamer owned by Madeline Haydon, the winner of the 2019 Amazon Small Business Spotlight Award.


Seattle Times September 1, 2020

Ravenox - Sean Brownlee - Seattle Times - Rope Manufacturer

Sean and Genevieve Brownlee, Founder and Owners of Ravenox


These past few years we have experienced exponential growth through a variety of measures that we believe should be foundational to any business. Capitalizing on the latest software and technology will enable any small business to grow alongside more established companies. At Ravenox, our primary focus has been growing our sales funnel by increasing brand awareness and interest through educating our customers about the value of working with our company. Paired with intelligent demographic identification we have been able to widen our customer base substantially. Another major step we took to grow our business was upgrading our customer management systems. Our customers come first and foremost and we’ve been listening to what they want. Cloud based software paired with highly educated customer support personnel has allowed us to build sincere value and help our customers by showing that we genuinely care about their needs. 

Ravenox - Sean Brownlee - Seattle Times - Rope Manufacturer

In order to avoid any potential risk involved with being too dependent on any particular revenue stream we knew we needed to diversify our customer base. At the outset, this was a challenge and not enough priority was placed on diversification as we had not experienced significant revenue fluctuation. Alongside this primary challenge, and one that existed for quite a while, was owner dependence. Letting go of certain decisions and responsibilities and handing them over to other team members truly allowed our business to grow. Allowing others to learn the ropes without compromising the quality of work being done has given us the opportunity to succeed. Balancing that success with high quality customer service was one of our largest hurdles. We found that training our customer support team to have the same level of personal engagement and attention to detail took a good deal of time. This is not a one and done either. As we scale, maintaining that same high level of customer service will be an ongoing project. What has been truly interesting about our business growth is the variety of demographics we serve and the number of other small businesses we help. We’ve been able to grow our direct to consumer online business by over 28% year over year by simply broadening our customer base and identifying new markets we can serve. Our B2B sales have followed suit as our products are used as components in other manufacturers’ product lines. In 2018, as a result of being nominated by Amazon, I was recognized as a finalist for the National Retail Federation’s America’s Retail Champion Award. In addition, Ravenox was nominated as a finalist in the Small Business of the Year category in Amazon’s first ever Small Business Spotlight Awards a program established this in 2019 to honor and celebrate top entrepreneurs and small businesses across the country selling in Amazon’s stores. As we progress through 2020 we’re very excited to scale alongside our customers.

Ravenox - Sean Brownlee - Seattle Times - Rope Manufacturer

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