Washington Retail Association

Retail supports 1 in 4 American jobs. Anyone whose job results in a consumer product – from those who supply the raw materials to factory workers to the truck drivers who deliver goods to stores – counts on retail for their livelihood. With 3.6 million stores drawing on a vast array of suppliers, retail supports 42 million jobs and represents $2.6 trillion of annual GDP in the United States.

Washington Retail represents more than 3,800 storefronts statewide that range from large national chains to small shops. Members include wholesalers, dealers, professional services and mall owners and operators. Though a unique state association, Washington Retail maintains numerous partnerships with like-minded associations and chambers of commerce across the state and nation. In 2021 Sean Brownlee was voted Chairman to the Washington Retail Association’s board of directors.

WRA and JEDI Initiatives

In late 2020, Mr. Brownlee and other board members of WRA formed a 501c3 committee that includes Sean Brownlee. With the needs of retailers in mind, the committee focuses on creating the tools needed for successful career development.

WRA continues developing strategies for and is focused on connecting with various ethnic chambers and minority business groups in Washington state. This includes planning on engaging with key ethnic groups. Contact with leaders in these areas continues to progress regularly. One key factor in developing a successful plan is analyzing and reviewing current legislation–both national and local.

Other Areas of Focus for WRA

  • COVID-19 Response & Business Reopening
  • Working alongside the Governor’s office to support business and economics throughout Washington

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